Cory Amyett


2830 Burnt Mill Rd
Charlottesville, VA


I believe in being good stewards of our natural resources, in practicing sustainable forestry and the best of permaculture. After spending more than 5 years in the tree service industry with two of the largest tree care companies in Central Virginia, I decided to start my own tree care company – one dedicated to responsible practices, permaculture design, and the ethical treatment of pesticide.

Shadetree Pruning & Permaculture is an owner-operated, full service tree care company, providing tree pruning, tree removal, permaculture design, and installation. I’m an International Society of Arboriculture, (ISA) certified Arborist, as well as an ISA Tree Worker Climber Specialist, ( MA-5610AT), and a Virginia Certified Pesticide Applicator.

I’m passionate about the twin subjects of aboriculture and permaculture and the implications for our ecosystems, food independence, sustainability, community, and dietary health. I look forward to caring for your existing trees and plants through correct pruning, support cable installations, lightning protection installation in trees, and other industry standard practices. I’m also excited to educate people on the meaning and purpose of permaculture, a sustainable approach to ecological design.

I’m also excited to meet you!

All the best,

Cory Amyett

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
-Greek Proverb

Shadetree Services

Shadetree Pruning & Permaculture is a new environmentally conscious tree service. We provide the following services for Charlottesville and Central Virginia:


  • Pruning / Trimming

I am very passionate about leading Shadetree Pruning & Permaculture in a practice of caring for and preserving every tree that shows promise of being a benefit to your landscape. The beauty and value of trees is staggering, and a concerted effort to protect this is so much my concern that it is in the very name I chose for my company. My first priority when approaching a tree is to care for its health, and increase its beauty and longevity, I am determined to implement careful pruning techniques, and I believe that together we can care for trees in a way that will add beauty, health, and longevity to each tree. As a result, your entire landscape will benefit from our efforts. For more material on the value of trees refer to,  www.treesaregood.org  


  • Tree Cutting & Removal

While it is my focus and desire to preserve every tree possible, it is a fact that specific trees can pose a risk, or just simply be undesirable in a given landscape. When this is the case, it is very important that a tree be removed in a safe and efficient manner.  I consider many factors when assessing the procedure to go about removing unwanted trees from your property, and the greatest of these is reducing the impact on your property.  Shadetree’s primary concern is to remove a tree from your home with as little disturbance as possible, and with safety as our utmost concern. I want to accomplish the task with zero property damage, taking care to not have any negative impact on surrounding structures, trees, and under-story plants. This can only be accomplished by using the very best of progressive industry techniques, and by an Arborist with a great amount of experience and thorough training. This is an area of tree care that I am very passionate about staying abreast of, so that we can provide the very best experience for you as a property owner.

  • Plant Health Care
  • Lightning Protection in Trees
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Nutrient Treatments 
  • Permaculture Design and Installation
Tree Cutting


Sharing the joy of aboriculture